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Posting di Sela2 Ngantuk

Gak kerasa ya… besok udah puasa….Mana bulan depan aku PSG lagi…. Huft… Oh ya, ternyata banyak yg gak tau ya PSG itu apa. Okey deh tak jelasin. PSG = Pembelajaran Sistem Ganda. Artinya siswa ditempatkan di tempat industri untuk belajar menurut jurusannyaa masing2. Misalnya, aku kan jrusan RPL alias Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak (semacam informatika gitu… Read More Posting di Sela2 Ngantuk


Get Cash in Any Situation

Getting cash for the next Saturday night is easy. You can go shopping; hang out, watching the movie or eating on the newest restaurant with your family or friends. And getting cash in urgent situation that demand you to get cash as soon as possible and pay unpredictable bill on the next day will be… Read More Get Cash in Any Situation


Out of Embarrassing Situation

Struggling with debt is embarrassing situation. Your finance is something that under your control. That is not funny if the message from your bill collector is much more the message from your family. You have to find the way out. Consolidating debt can be your solution. To get further information, you can visit This… Read More Out of Embarrassing Situation


Quick Loans for Us

Banks were identical with the complicated things. There are not much of us that love to deal with the banks, especially when it’s about loans. They banks have some complicated procedures that need to be done by the loan applicants. But that’s in the old days. Today, the banks realized that they need to gain… Read More Quick Loans for Us


Online Line Loan for You

Lacking of money is many people’s problem. This is the most common problem in all over the world. Some people were trapped in the middle of the paycheck while the family needs some urgent money because one of their kids needs to see the doctor. This is certainly a very complicated problem that many people… Read More Online Line Loan for You


The Insurance for Your Car

People awareness of the protections of their belonging is increasing highly during the global crisis. They really feel that they need to protect their assets with everything that they can do. The insurance program is the option. They believe that joining the insurance programs would be able to prevent some great lost when there was… Read More The Insurance for Your Car


House Remodelling

Every house in the world needs to remodelling. And of advance your home. It can make their homes better and more comfortable with larger rooms such as larger bedroom, larger kitchen, larger bathroom, and any other room. So, area you will acquisition acceptable remodelling company? You can choose Houston Remodeling to do it. They are… Read More House Remodelling